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Why advertise in Bakersfield Kids Directory?

Exposure Through Directories / Web Ads

Anyone can set up a website and offer inexpensive advertising space for your business, right? However, an ad site relies on exposure.

Think on this; people go to websites that they are familiar with and they use websites frequently that provide the information they want. They also need something tangible and visual in order to keep their attention. Newspapers and magazines take care of some of this but contain articles and editorials that distract the reader form noticing your ad in most cases.

Advertising in the phone book is a must for most companies. So other types of directories and resource guides that are targeted make sense. And this is the area of marketing where our directory provides exposure for your business.

Advertisers that currently have placement in BKD already know the following;

BAKERSFIELD KIDS DIRECTORY provides a quality print publication and web marketing all in one package with a third feature.
First, we place your custom designed ad along with other crisp, full color ads in a handy-sized directory that is published and distributed (currently 10,000 per month) throughout the community. Directories are located in targeted areas for your potential customers to see. Your business gets EXPOSURE!!!

Second, the directory, including your ad, is updated each month on this site for customers' convenience to view and download. Your business gets more EXPOSURE!!!

Third, your website link is placed on a links page in order to drive customers directly to you for their needs. Your business gets even more EXPOSURE when you team up with Bakersfield's fastest growing print and web directory!!!

Three fantastic ways to give you and your company the attention
you deserve all in one affordable package.

Contact BAKERSFIELD KIDS DIRECTORY today to set up an appointment and learn how easy it is to get started having customers come to YOU once you are a part of our Family Resource Guide.

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Remember, without plenty of EXPOSURE your business is nobody's business.


10 - Service Really Does Matter! We are on top of our business which means we're on top of your business, from sales to distribution to billing... NO HASSLE, just professional, friendly service!

# 9 - Your Ad Is The Content! We focus completely on our advertisers. Your ad will not get lost between the articles which means our magazine is not read then thrown away. It's used for months at a time which results in a compounded response for you!

# 8 - A Specialized Distribution Plan! Many thousands of directories are available to your target audience at hundreds of locations. We personally monitor all of these locations so that there is a constant flow and accessibility to your ad!

# 7 - Convenient Size! Our directories are sized to fit in a purse or glove compartment. It's easy to read and easily accessed by our valued readers!

# 6 - Impressive Full Color! You'll never pay extra for full color in our book. Our rates are lower than most black & white rates of other publications. Color Sells!

# 5 - Unsurpassed Quality! We strive to always deliver the highest quality printing and glossy paper available. You are important to us and we want to give you the best!

# 4 - We Love What We Do! You'll find that we are very hands-on because we believe in and love what we do. We put that same enthusiasm and dedication into helping each and every advertiser!

# 3 - Rates That You Can Afford! An ad in our publication will last for months at a time and likely cost you less than even the smallest of display ads for just one day in a local paper. Your ad pays for itself time and time again!

# 2 - A Proven Track Record! We have a great formula for success that we have refined spanning more than 20 years. Just as we have helped thousands of businesses in over 75 cities, we will gladly serve you!

# 1 - Our Business Is Bringing You Business Or We Have No Business!
Our objective is simple, to deliver high quality products, great customer service and new customers to your business for years to come.

Let us help you make an IMPACT with every advertising dollar!

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