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2660 Oswell St, Bakersfield, CA  93306   6618712001  

Additional Location: 2660 Oswell St, Bakersfield, CA  93306   661-871-2001  

Additional Location: 301 E. Lerdo Hwy, Shafter, CA  93263   661-746-6183  

Our Story Don Perico was founded by Antionio & Olivia Navarro in 1986. The first restaurant was off Union Ave (some of you may recall ‘Ceilito Lindo’), and later expanded to several locations. It was later renamed ‘Los Pericos’. Then, in the mid ‘90s, Los Pericos Tostadas trademarked the name ‘Los Pericos’, resulting in the name change to the current ‘Don Perico Mexican Bar & Grill’. Antonio and Olivia, along with their two children, Magdalena and Tony Jr, continue to work to bring Bakersfield the best in authentic Mexican food and a family atmosphere with daily specials, buffets, catering, and more.

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